Your place to connect with Pfizer experts, order starter packs and share educational material with your patients

Pfizer Connect provides you with streamlined access to Pfizer’s expertise, products and services. This smart digital platform has been created specifically for healthcare professionals and allows you to access expert knowledge and resources to assist you as you support your patients along their health journey.

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Get on-demand access to a Pfizer expert

Discuss any queries you have related to Pfizer medicines or services. Or, simply browse through the comprehensive list of FAQs for on-the-spot answers.

View, curate and send educational information to patients

In just a few clicks, your patients can receive a collection of relevant articles, videos and supporting documents on an ever-growing range of health topics, to support them on their health journey.

Streamline the management of your starter packs

Order starter packs and supporting materials through our fully digitised, smart ordering service. Save more time through the ability to delegate the ordering process to your Practice Managers. Simply review, approve and your order will be on its way.

Pfizer Connect

Connecting three services in one place


Pfizer Expert

Connect with a Pfizer expert at your convenience for assistance with questions on Pfizer medicines and services.


Pfizer Support

View, curate and send educational information on a wide range of health topics to your patients.


Pfizer Orders

Save time managing your orders for starter packs and access a suite of support materials using our fully digitised smart ordering system.

And many more great services to come…

Pfizer Connect is an ever-evolving digital service designed for healthcare professionals. We are committed to continuing to develop and meet the needs of you and your patients, both now and well into the future.

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