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Easy access to educational health information for your patients

Support helps you to help your patients by sending them the health information they need by text message or email. Designed with the patient in mind and to complement your consultation.

Access health information from a growing library of topics in different formats

Filter information based on health topic and patient need and find a range of educational articles, videos and documents to support your patient.

Curate and send educational health information to patients via text message or email

Pull together information that’s specific to your patients’ needs or select one of the ready-made ‘Collections’: a series of educational health material on a specific topic. Your patient can leave your office with the information they need delivered to their smart phone, tablet or computer.

Choose from a range of support tools and resources to help patients to better understand and manage their health condition

Resources, factsheets and videos to assist you in explaining common to more complex health conditions to your patients. Provide your patients with quality information to help them take a more informed role in managing their health.

Pfizer Connect

Providing you with streamlined access to Pfizer’s expertise, products and services.


Connect with a Pfizer Health Solutions Specialist at your convenience to answer your questions about Pfizer medicines and services.



View, curate and send your patients educational articles, videos and supporting materials by text message or email.



Save time by ordering starter packs and patient support materials online.


An evolving service shaped by you

Pfizer Connect is a fusion of our people and technology. It’s a seamless service designed in direct response to your feedback: to support your practice and role in delivering better health outcomes to patients and the wider community.
The resources available through Pfizer Connect will continue to expand and the service will evolve based on your input.


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